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Wholesale Corset

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Wholesale Corset

Moda | 11.09.2017. | Dodao/la: wholesalebikinis

Autumn Winter 2017 sees the Masquerade Wholesale Corset collection takes inspiration from Mime and botanical lands with lots of satins, delicate laces and embroideries. Delphi takes inspiration from the treasure of sleepy lingerie manufacturer hollow trend with its sultry sheen black and slate colour. Its a seductive range with touches of jewels and then stain straps give a boudoir feel. Available from D – H cup. Capella is the epitome of wholesale bikinis 1950’s cinema recreating everyday glamour and elegance in the form of the new sweetheart moulded shape. The lace bow at the front gives a nice vintage feel. Available in sizes from D – G. Coco is an uplifting balconette shape underwear manufacturer china available in D – H cup in sauc

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