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What Is A Victorian-Style Wedding Dress?

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What Is A Victorian-Style Wedding Dress?

Televizija | 11.10.2018. | Dodao/la: dressyinnz

What Is A Victorian-Style Wedding Dress? There are many factors involved in characterizing a Victorian wedding dress. The fabric, the cut and the accents all play in role in each distinguishing, vintage feature. Corsets to cinch the waist are one of the most recognizable pieces of the Victorian wedding gown puzzle. It’s one of the most defining features of this style genre. But along with the corset, comes the full ball gown-style skirt. Accents with ruffles or jacquard fabrics, it too pairs rather nicely making a classic, princess look come to life for the bride. Satin fabrics, beading and some light embroidery are a few other signifiers of the Victorian-style wedding dress. Long sleeves are also really popular in this bridal realm but shorter styles – like cap sleeves or even sleevless – can be paired with long gloves to amp up the fashion era that’s inspired you. When it comes to a woman’s body and what kind of shape a Victorian wedding dress is suited best for, there is no such

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