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Some Information of Stellite Alloy 12 Saw Tips

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Some Information of Stellite Alloy 12 Saw Tips

Putovanja | 15.01.2019. | Dodao/la: sytopstellitealloy

Shenyang Top New Material Co.,Ltd, as a professional Stellite Alloy manufacturer, we adhere to the management principles of "quality first, customer first and credit-based" since the establishmet of the company and always do our best to satisfy potential needs of our customers. We sincerely willing to cooperate with enterprises all over the world in order to realize a win-win situation. The Stellite Alloy 12 Tipped saws, have a tip welded directly to the saw tooth. After all of the teeth have been profile ground, the saw then goes to a side grinding machine to grind the sides of the tips to specific relief angles and kerf size depending upon the given cutting application for the saw. Stellite is also more resistant to the abrasive acids found in some woods like red cedar. This allows t

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