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Nike Air Max 270 Unveil Flight Gold Colorway

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Nike Air Max 270 Unveil Flight Gold Colorway

Hrvatska | 04.07.2018. | Dodao/la: lzj1214

The drop of a new sneaker is always a bit exciting. The drop of a new Nike sneaker that actually takes design and innovation to another level in a brand new colourway? Now you're talking! Case in point: the Nike Air Max 270 Flight Gold. Unlike the long line of Air Max trainers that came before it, the 270 is Nike's first ever lifestyle Air shoe - making it one of the most coveted new kicks on the block. Imagine if the Nike Air Max 93 and the Air Max 180 got together and made a beautiful sneaker baby - yep, that would be the Air Max 270! Old school yet futuristic, the brand new silhouette takes inspiration from its 90s parents, featuring a pointed toe box and a running-style heel. The '270' in its name signifies the 270 degrees of air seen within its Air Max Unit, which happens to be the tallest one yet at a whopping

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