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Meyer 120LD2 Belt-type Color Sorter

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Meyer 120LD2 Belt-type Color Sorter

Audio Podcast | 17.07.2017. | Dodao/la: Sebahtstian

LD Series Excellent Features: 1.New LED light source – it is used in LD series for a high stable power supply, long lifetime and lower use-cost. 2.Stainless steel structure – the structure can ensures IP66 waterproof grade efficiently. 3.2038 CCD sensor – detecting a high range of materials because the very high resolution. 4.Intelligent shape function –helping the machine sort the materials based on size and shape. 5.Ejector assembly ---- which is for increasing sorting accuracy, output and rejection efficiency 6.Self-detection function – which is for detecting the fault of this machine such as light source ejectors and control board automatically. 7.Optional NIR function ----the function is for increasing the sorting range of machine, improving sorting accuracy and rejecting the impurities difficult to detect. rice color sort machine

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meyer 120ld2 belt-type color sorter



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