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Manufacturer Customized Compression Spring for sale

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Manufacturer Customized Compression Spring for sale

Novac | 09.10.2017. | Dodao/la: Sebahtstian

Description Name:Compression sping Material:Spring steel,65Mn,Stainless steel 201,301,304,316,603 Application Area:Mining,Metallurgical machinery, Food, Packing machine , Petro-Chemical Machinery,Building Machinery, Shipbuilding industry, Auto Industry, Military-industrial,etc... Manufacture Process:Design moulds→ Confirm samples→ Purchase material→ Blanking→ Punching→ Welding/bending→ Forming→ Surface treatment→ 100% Inspection→ assemble products→ Package Certification: GB/T 19001-2008/ISO 9001:2008 To send an enquiry,please send us the following data of spring: 1. Wire diameter 2. The dimension of the spring inner diameter and outer diameter,and include the tolerance 3. Free length of the spring 4. Total coils or active coils of the spring 5. The materials 6. Surface treatment 7. What kind of the spring sharp,and which ends of the spring you want? CCD color sorter machine

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manufacturer customized compression spring for sale



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