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ezTalks: Difference between Seminar and Webinar

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ezTalks: Difference between Seminar and Webinar

Internet | 14.07.2017. | Dodao/la: eztalks

What Is A Seminar A seminar is defined as a form of instruction meant for educative purposes usually carried out by an academic institution, commercial or professional organization. It is designed to bring together groups of people at a particular location for repetitive meetings while basing on a single topic of discussion. An instructor or leader oversees this through research or presenting formally. In summary, it is an interactive segment where participants raise questions and have discussions and debates on, particularly assigned readings. best screen sharing What Is A Webinar A webinar is presentation, lecture or workshop that is relayed over the web platform with the help of video conferencing software. The participants in a webinar do not physically meet; rather the meeting is virtual where audio and visual documents can be shared with the help of relevant technology. One promine

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